AnyWay Solid Environmental Solutions

In a world where dependence on roads is constantly on the rise, the processes involved in constructing these roads are becoming increasingly significant. AnyWay was established to provide a comprehensive and advanced soil stabilization solution for road construction; a solution that places great emphasis on being environmentally friendly. A unique, patented technology registered worldwide, AnyWay’s Natural Soil Stabilizer is the result of years of research and development.

The product is lab tested and field proven. AnyWay’s commitment is to provide comprehensive, innovative and cost-effective infrastructure solutions through soil stabilization.

AnyWay is also providing solutions for rural development needs in developing countries through its Rural Community Development Plan. The construction of roads and low cost housing by the residents of rural communities is a cornerstone of AnyWay’s plan.

AnyWay has designed a suite of products that facilitate the construction of homes and other buildings in a low cost and environmentally conscious fashion. AnyWay’s Soil Block, Soil Mortar and Tile Bond are designed to incorporate local materials in the construction process to the greatest extent possible.

AnyWay’s products have been designed to ensure minimal impact on the environment and awarded a ‘Green Label’ for environmental compatibility. In keeping with the core principles of The Metrontario Group, AnyWay values good corporate citizenship and seeks to contribute to greater economic, social and environmental well-being in all of the countries in which it is active.

To date, the products have been applied to projects in numerous countries including Angola, Ethiopia, Israel, Kenya, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, Rwanda, South Africa and Zambia.