AnyWay Solid Environmental Solutions

Transport infrastructure is the backbone of a country’s economy and a vital lifeline for its people, connecting them to essential health, education, and social services. AnyWay, has been at the forefront of providing climate-resilient solutions to the global transport infrastructure industry for over two decades.

As specialists in climate resiliency for transportation infrastructure, we take a holistic approach to providing engineering designs and solutions for our clients, offering services, technologies and techniques beyond conventional engineering. Our commitment to quality in the highly specialized transportation infrastructure sector is what sets us apart. Our solutions help our clients build infrastructure resilient to climate events, allowing communities to adapt and respond to changes – infrastructure that withstands climate impacts and is known for quality and durability.

AnyWay is implementing innovative technologies in all phases of its work, from satellite data collection and AI analysis of that data to generating engineering designs and flood modelling to field investigations and testing techniques, including implementing advanced in-place rehabilitation and upgrading through stabilization.

AnyWay strives to recruit and assemble the best talent from all parts of the world. Our multinational team includes experts from Canada, the US, Israel, Africa, and Asia, providing our company with experience in diverse cultures, languages, and landscapes. The AnyWay team members have been involved in delivering projects that have a lasting, positive impact on their surrounding communities. We have a demonstrated record of completing projects incorporating climate resiliency into the design process, with diligent quality control throughout construction.

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